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View photos of the 2012 Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Awards Dinner from the Ladue News and on Flickr.
Congratulations to this year’s award winners!

View photos of the 2012 Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Awards Dinner from the Ladue News and on Flickr.

Congratulations to this year’s award winners!

Check out the Beacon’s portrait of an Outstanding St. Louis Scientist - Govindaswamy Chinnadurai.  (Govindaswamy Chinnadurai: Searching for cure for cancer, by Gloria S. Ross, St. Louis Beacon)

18th Annual Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Awards Dinner
Thursday, April 19, 2012
Starlight Ballroom – Chase Park Plaza Hotel

Since its inception, the Academy has promoted the recognition of the impressive scientists of St. Louis. This tradition continues with the Annual Outstanding St. Louis Scientist Awards. Each award-winner represents both an extraordinary caliber of expertise and a dedication to fostering science literacy.

(Click here for more information about this year’s award recipients.)

The Academy is thrilled to honor our 1998 Innovation Awardee, Scott Hultgren, with another Outstanding St. Louis Scientist Award - the 2012 Fellows Award. Congratulations!

Awarded in 1998 with the Innovation Award - which recognizes a scientist or engineer under age 40 who has demonstrated exceptional potential for future accomplishments in science, engineering or technology - Scott J. Hultgren, Ph.D., has more than lived up to our expectations.  He was elected to National Academy of Sciences last year for his remarkable contributions to science.  This year we are proud to present him with the Fellows Award, which recognizes a distinguished individual for outstanding achievement in science.

Scott J. Hultgren, Ph.D., is the Helen Lehbrink Stoever Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Director of the Center for Women’s Infectious Disease Research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

The Fellows Award will be presented as part of our 18th Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Awards Dinner on Thursday evening at the Chase Park Plaza, where Hultgren and our other 2012 awardees will receive their awards.

Soybeans in Automated Greenhouse Genetically modified soybean plants grow at Monsanto’s automated greenhouse in Raleigh, N.C. The greenhouse has conveyor belts to move plants around for watering, weighing, and pictures, so scientists can monitor their health without ever having to handle them. Photo Courtesy Monsanto
(How To Genetically Modify a Seed, Step By Step; Popular Science)

Kevin L. Deppermann, Chief Engineer - Senior Fellow at Monsanto Company, will receive the Academy’s James B. Eads Award for outstanding achievement in engineering or technology on Thursday night.  Deppermann has been issued nearly 30 U.S. patents in areas of automation and engineering, which is just one example of his pioneering approach to work.

Kevin will receive his award at our 18th Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Awards Dinner, held at the Chase Park Plaza. 

We are proud to recognize Michael Friedlander’s more than four decades of leadership in science education with the Academy’s 2012 Science Educator Award.

Michael W. Friedlander, Ph.D., is Emeritus Professor of Physics in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis.  (Ten WUSTL faculty to receive Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Awards, Beth Miller and Diana Lutz.)

The Science Educator Award is part of our Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Awards.  It recognizes a distinguished individual or organization on the basis of outstanding contributions to science education or to the public understanding of science, engineering, or technology.

Friedlander will be presented with his award on Thursday evening at our 18th Annual Awards Dinner - for more information, click here. 

The Academy Board of Trustees is proud to recognize Dr. Shapiro’s exceptional leadership with our 2012 Science Leadership Award.  Larry J. Shapiro, M.D., is Executive Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs and Dean of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.  (For information about Larry, click here.)

Part of the Academy’s Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Awards, the Science Leadership Award recognizes a distinguished individual — not necessarily a scientist—or organization that has played an important leadership role in the development of science and scientists in the St. Louis region.

Dr. Shapiro will be presented with his award on Thursday, April 19, at our 18th Annual Award Dinner

On Thursday, April 19, the Director of WUSTL’s Center for Genome Sciences & Systems Biology, Dr. Gordon will receive the Peter H. Raven Lifetime Achievement Award for his distinguished career of service in science and medicine.  Gordon has an international reputation (Diabetes May Start in the Intestines, Research Suggests; ScienceDaily) and has been published in peer-reviewed publications hundreds of times (The Gordon Lab, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis).  Gordon is recognized for his leadership in “establishing the field of human microbiome research.”

Dr. Gordon will receive his award at the Academy’s 18th Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Awards Dinner held at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel.  Find out more here.

The Academy congratulates long-time supporter Mabel Purkerson, M.D., our 2012 Trustees Award recipient.

The Trustees Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the Academy of Science – St. Louis in its mission of promoting the understanding and appreciation of science, engineering, and technology.

Dr. Purkerson will receive her award at the 18th Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Awards Dinner in less than two weeks.

On Thursday, April 19, 2012, at our 18th Annual Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Awards Dinner, the Academy will present its first interdisciplinary, collaborative award.  The George Engelmann Interdisciplinary/Collaborative Award,added this year, recognizes outstanding achievement in science, engineering, or technology that results from collaboration among two and/or more individuals across disciplinary or institutional boundaries.

The award was created in 2012, because the remarkable achievements of three individuals warranted commendation.  The Academy is proud to present the first George Engelmann Interdisciplinary/Collaborative Award to long-time collaborators and co-workers: Dr. Timothy LeyElaine Mardis, Ph.D., and Richard Wilson, Ph.D.

Ley, Mardis, and Wilson are Senior Staff at the Genome Institute at Washington University, where Richard Wilson is Director, Elaine Mardis is Co-Director, and Dr. Ley is an Associate Director. Together - and individually - they represent an incredible wealth of talent, experience, and scientific achievement.