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This year the Academy will honor Dr. Gay with the Science Educator Award for her outstanding contributions the public understanding of the sciences and to science education.  An Assistant Research Professor at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, Pamela Gay, Ph.D., co-hosts Astronomy Cast, consistently listed in the top 25 Science & Medicine section of the iTunes Library.

Dr. Gay will receive her award at the Academy’s 18th Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Awards Dinner, Thursday, April 19, 2012, in the Starlight Ballroom of the Chase Park Plaza Hotel.  Find out more here.


Roughly 200 middle school students participated in the first two Future Trek sessions last week. By the end of this semester, more than 1000 students will have experienced the possibilities available to them if they pursue a career in science.

It’s great to see students engaged and excited about science and science careers. One student commented, “I really liked learning about macro invertebrates.” When have you ever heard a kid say that? It just made me smile.

- Pam Smith, Science Programs and Marketing Manager

Future Trek allows students, Grades 6-8, to explore careers in science through interactive and hands-on demonstrations. Over the course of a morning, students rotate through four fun, informative and fast-paced, 20-minute classroom sessions with working scientists, engineers and STEM professionals.

Openings are still available for your school to participate in Future Trek - and it’s sister program, Greening Your Future - visit our website for details.

Looking for STEM education resources?  Here are some great sites to check out:

Eureqa (pronounced “eureka”) is a software tool for detecting equations and hidden mathematical relationships in your data.

Khan Academy:  Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free. With a library of over 2,700 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 276 practice exercises, we’re on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.

TED and TED-Ed: TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. On, we make the best talks and performances from TED and partners available to the world, for free. More than 900 TEDTalks are now available, with more added each week. TED-Ed is a new initiative to build a deep, tagged archive of educational videos — expanding the reach and power of great video (including TEDTalks) into the classroom by making them easier for teachers to find. Explore the Best Data Visualizations on the Web. Infographics and data visualizations are shifting the way people find and experience stories, creating a new way of seeing the world of data. They help communicate complex ideas in a clear, compact and beautiful way, taking deep data and presenting it in visual shorthand.